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CASE STUDY: Podcast Production



Justin Norman, a founder of the concurrent media group contacted us with a desire to start a narrative based podcast. First and foremost, we arranged an informative meeting. The main goal of the meeting was to discuss and develop Justin’s ideas around podcast production. Consequently, we have come up with conclusions about what needs to be done and how. Here are the following challenges that were ahead of us; recording system optimization, show format, identity sound design, and music branding. 

From season 3 going forward we decided to upgrade show format and add per episode custom music production, as well as embellish the episodes with sound effects.



In the beginning the client already possessed podcast recording equipment. We evaluated it and selected the right recording set-up for the task. Accordingly, we also picked an acoustically appropriate room for the recording process. After the soundcheck was done, we started training with our new podcast host. The training was brief and supported by our written documents and tutorials. It was about how to control the recording system, recording methodology, relationship with a microphone and software use. All of which with the goal of creating the best possible take for the post-production stage. 

With the aforementioned season 3 upgrades, we have also equipped Justin with a new set of studio recording equipment, as well as equipment for the field recordings. 



Show format as a part of podcast production is a matter of huge importance. However, it depends on the preferences of the host, aimed target group, as well as of the practicality of the podcast production process. But, the biggest challenge we had was exactly the practicality of the podcast production process. In other words, the client was new to editorial work and we had to introduce him to the script working methodology. Other than that, as a result of great communication with the client, we implemented the host to co-host evaluation talk at the end of each episode. Also, we suggested a chapter-based format of the show, separating chapters with the transition music. Our most important achievement by far is that together with Justin we successfully shaped The Flip podcast into a solid whole that a listener can easily get used to and enjoy with ease.



The Flip is a podcast that covers the topic of entrepreneurship in Africa. As a consequence, our music branding work needed to have a strong African character. Besides this obvious fact, we asked Justin to come up with reference music pieces. Undoubtedly, reference music revealed a lot about the client’s taste. In a week’s time, we came up with two different pieces of music for the show’s intro and outro. Justin strongly resonated with one of them and we moved on. The piece became our primary music theme for the show, while the other externally produced we used as a piece of prelude music. Later in the production process, the main theme was also used for the development of the intro and outro. Apart from this, we developed the aforementioned three different pieces of transition music for chapter separation purposes.

With the newly made format introduced in season 3, we had to reevaluate the branding needs. We have come up with the conclusion that the emotion the music needs to convey is “clarity”. Accordingly, we worked with two of our composers and have created music unified in a style that accompanies the storyline of each of the episodes.



To sum it all up, it was a complex podcast production. Thanks to Justin’s patience and his firm desire to aim for the highest production quality, we were able to commit fully and freely. The production process was pleasurable for both sides, as well as our final result for the constantly growing listeners base. In just a month after the release, The Flip jumped to 1st and 2nd place in the Apple podcast and Spotify charts in Nigeria and South Africa.  

Our latest work on The Flip podcast can be heard in the presented showreel in this case study. 









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