We are a highly complementary and versatile team consisting of individuals specialized in different areas of artistic and technical aspects of work, being able to provide service in almost any field of multimedia production.

All educated at the University of Belgrade, professionals in love with their work, finding the utmost joy in watching their client’s businesses stand out and thrive. Our experiences come from working on a variety of projects – FM radio, feature film, theatre, music, contemporary arts, TV, live FOH/stage engineering.

When recognized each other’s differences and knowledge in specialized fields we united our strengths, successfully increasing our product and service quality standards under the label of ZVUK studio.



Sofija Jovanov

Lead Sound Designer

Bojan Ristović

Lead Sound Engineer

Miloš Đorđević

Music Producer / Sound Editor

Luna Škopelja

Music Producer / Sound Editor

Aleksandar Mladenović

Sound Engineer / Video Editor

Marija Šumarac

Sound Designer / Editor / Composer

Marija Ivanković

Project Manager / Assistant

Nikola Pilisi

Graphic Designer