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 Podcast intro production for Mr. Nicholas Tenhue from The UX Blog Podcast



Nick has contacted us to format and launch The UX Blog podcast. As a result, first and foremost we had an informative talk about the audio equipment he would need or already possess. As there was no budget for technical improvements, we had to improvise. After the gear was all set up, a suitable recording room was picked that has optimal acoustical characteristics to compensate for the wrong microphone selection. When the soundcheck was done, the recording system proved as a strong foundation for high-quality audio post-production.


As a result of an optimized recording system, podcast intro production and sound branding became our next tasks. Nick is very clear and knows exactly what he wants. As stated by the client, our radio imaging goal was to illustrate: ease of use, a process of designing, human experiences, technology and people, art and science, deep understanding, purpose, compassion, and integrity.  This information was perfectly enough for us to start the creative process of podcast intro production. Meanwhile, we have found three suitable pieces of music that could fit The UX Blog existing brand. Without a doubt, we picked the one that resonates with our client’s vision. Finally, our intro sketch was ready for presentation. Mr. Tenhue approved and AIR ready version was following the day after.

We were ready and proud to launch the podcast in only a week after the collaboration started. The UX Blog Podcast became an established source of value in the field of User Experience Design.



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