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 Shark Tank Podcast editing service for Mr. TJ Hale 



When collaboration started, the show already had its bumper and stinger designed. Therefore, we needed to follow up on the existed branding. Bumper and stinger were in the Hot radio formats, characteristic by the higher sound energy and intense radio imaging. Accordingly, our goal was to embellish and fortify sound identity of the show. Additionally, we had to reformat the show with a set of sound effects designed to allow for the TV show drop-ins. When these requirements were met, Shark Tank Podcast got its distinctive and aesthetically rounded identity.


Natural dialogue flow is of utmost importance for us. Consequently, dialogue needs manual beautifications. Speech anomalies that distract listeners attention must be removed traceless. When needed, sentences are concretized, dialogue overlaps separated, speech tempo dramatized. The end result needs to be a clean, natural and pleasant interview experience for the listener.



When the aforementioned is done, following step in the making of AIR ready episode is Mixing & Mastering of the audio. At this stage, it’s all about electro-acoustics and signal engineering. Especially relevant to the podcast/radio listening experience is to have a solid and volume stable signal. Above all, It needs to perform well regardless of the surrounding environments or playback devices.


Mr. TJ Hale about our collaboration on the project:

“Studio ZVUK is one of the best contractors I have ever worked with. They communicate well and are always on time. Very professional and I can’t recommend these guys enough for audio production work. Thank you!”



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